Construction Updates

Thanks to the many donors supporting our Capital Campaign, our expansion project has begun. Check back for updated photos and videos as the project begins to take shape.

PHOTO: August 1, 2018 -- Getting close to finishing!

PHOTO: March 1, 2018 -- The new construction is largely enclosed now! Walls and roof are keeping the weather out, and work is starting to progress inside.

PHOTO: February 8, 2018 -- It's cold and wintry this week, but the walls and roof are making progress.

PHOTO & VIDEO: February 1, 2018 -- Big changes these past few days! The walls are going up!

PHOTOs: January 25, 2018 -- Progress continues on the framing of the chapel and the new multipurpose room this week.



PHOTO: January 12, 2018 -- The wooden framing for the chapel is going into position.

PHOTO & VIDEO: January 4, 2018 -- It's cold and snowy, but work continues apace.

PHOTO: December 20, 2017-- Even more beams are in place, and getting materials ready for the next stage.

PHOTO: December 7, 2017-- Looking wintry out there, but still making progress.

PHOTO: November 29, 2017-- The foundation is complete and walls are starting to take shape.

PHOTO: November 21, 2017 -- Our building foundation is being poured today!

VIDEO: November 8, 2017 -- Asphalt has been poured and we have parking ...

VIDEO: November 1, 2017 -- Footings are being poured and a parking lot will be added soon ...

VIDEO: October 25, 2017 -- It's been a damp week, but things are still moving along ...

PHOTO: October 10, 2017 -- Things are starting to happen!

PHOTO: August 22, 2017